#Step1 to Fitness

  Just Start Somewhere! 

The thing about getting started, is we plan how to go about it, and we plan, we plan and it goes on…

It’s Nothing but delaying our execution, so just wake up and go about it. Enjoy the ride instead of pre-planning it. You can never be prepared for everything in life!

“Even a Mr.Olympia had to start somewhere!”

Mass Gaining Program for Skinny Beginners Part #2

Diet Plan



If your gym and your workout routine is a sports car, then diet is the fuel that keeps it running.

Having said that, you shouldn’t go too harsh on yourself from the get-go, and instead make it a gradual process, slowly taking out the sugar, the extra chocolates, and fats, the various guilty pleasures from your diet.

As Indians, we have a very protein deficient diet and it has to change, considering 60% of our population is vegetarian, although it is no reason to be protein deficient as there are many protein-rich vegetarian foods as well, but is generally ignored.

You might have seen many posts saying you need 1gm of protein per bodyweight in pounds to build muscle, which true but speaking from experience it just a hype created by the quantity of it.

Generally, 1.2-1.3 g of protein per KILOGRAM of bodyweight is more than enough to build muscle in the beginner stage. I.E for example (If you weigh 65 kgs the optimum protein consumption per day should be around 70-75gms, and your good to go.

Some changes you need to make immediately in your diet as we begin this program is reducing the oily junk food you eat from the stalls outside of every locality. Keeping simple sugars under control, Aerated drinks are a big no-no, not only from a bodybuilding perspective but from a healthy life perspective as well.


Some things that you need to add to your daily diet:

Peanut butter: Great source of healthy fat, protein, and complex carbs.

  • Whole wheat bread.
  • Oats
  • Nuts
  • Brown rice etc.
  • Supplements optional.


So let’s go about our diet plan,

You need not eat 6 times a day and monitor every meal of yours like a bodybuilder does, all you need to do as of now is control your cravings for junk food as much as possible and keep it under control, don’t worry there would be cheat days as well, and also make sure you eat more protein-rich food then you generally would.

“Eating more isn’t the way to go, but Eating right is.”

Total calories: 2500-2700 per day (Gym days)

2200-2400 calories (Rest days)

2200-2400 calories (Rest days)

Breakfast 1 cup oats cooked with ½ milk and 1 spoon peanut butter + 1 banana or any fruit. Total Cal: 630

Carb: 91.4g

Protein: 25g

Fat: 20g



3 whole eggs(omelet or boiled) with your normal lunch (i.e Dal rice, curd rice some veggies etc) Total Cal: 500*

Carb: 30-40g*

Protein: 25*

Fat: 20g*

(Depends on homemade lunch/Avoid too oily food)

Pre-workout 2 bananas Total Cal: 210

Carb: 53g

Protein: 3g

Fat: 0.7g

Post-workout 2 bananas + 5 egg whites Total Cal: 300

Carb: 55g

Protein: 21g

Fat: 1g

Pre-dinner 2-3 whole wheat bread slices with 1 ½  spoon peanut butter, 1 cheese slice. Total Cal: 585

Carb: 77g

Protein: 21g

Fat: 23g

Dinner 3 chapatis+ Bhaji +Curd/yogurt+ 7-9 almonds. Total Cal: 400

Carb: 60g*

Protein: 20g

Fat: 10g

(Depends on the homemade bhaji/ preferably protein rich and less oily)






There you go,

A basic well-defined diet plan that can be followed by everyone look to gain some size and strength, believe me, it worked wonders for me and is very cheap as well. No supplements needed. All you have to do is notice how your body responds to this in terms of muscle recovery and strength.

Follow this for 2 months and you’ll see a great difference in your body.

Time Management and Scheduling

“Time management”

You must have often heard your fitness idols use words like high volume and intensity, high intensity means nothing but the amount of weights you’re lifting, and high volume means the amount of time you workout for or the number of sets you perform, if you’re a beginner or an intermediate lifter high intensity, low volume is the way for you to go and grow.

Keeping your workout short and compact, for example, 40-45 mins are the optimal timing for a workout, leads to the maximum amount of strength which later can be turned into hypertrophic gains.
Let’s just not follow the path of the so-called Gym Bros, and workout for 2 hours, that just leads to overtraining about which we spoke in depth in our earlier post.

Workout for Skinny Beginners to Gain Muscle

Intro: I always get asked by beginners who a skinny and looking to put on some muscle,
as a beginner it’s very easy to put on muscle and see some progress in the initial gymming days, we call it Beginner Gains, which slows down gradually as their body gets used to this lifestyle.
I can’t stress this enough, but if you’re one of such people, your main focus must me the Diet aspect of it.
Working out is not the issue, anyone can move weights in the gym for an hour, the critical and more difficult task is to manage the remaining 23 hours outside the gym.

So as I said earlier, training more isn’t better, it’s training smart that takes the cake. The general reason why someone is skinny is they tend to burn more calories than they consume.
Which leads to a basic training routine of a 3-day split.
Which goes something like this:

BB = barbell

DB = dumbbell

WG = wide grip

CG = close grip

Chinups = underhand grip

Pull-ups = overhand grip

Rotate exercises separated by a / every 4 weeks

A x X-Y = A sets of X-Y repetitions

WEEK 1-6
(*Rest time: 2-3 minutes between sets, Exercises are given in the form of X/Y, Switch to Y after 3 weeks.)

Monday: Upper body

DB flat press/DB incline press- 3×8-12 (3 sets for 8-12 reps)

WG Lat pulldown/Pullups as much as possible. -3×8-12

DB shoulder press/BB military press.-3×8-12

CG BB Press/Tricep Pushdown. -2×8-12

DB curl for biceps/BB Curl. -2×8-12

FRIDAY: Lower body

BB squats. -4×5-6

Leg extensions/Leg press. -3×8-12

Seated Hamstring curls/Sleeping Hamstring curls. -3×8-12

Seated Calf raises/ Standing calf raises. (2 sets till failure)

Ab crunches. -3×8-12

WEEK 7-16

Now it’s a 3 day split with some heavy exercises.
(Switch exercises after 4 weeks, do the warmup set with light weights for 2-3 sets and 20 reps for the initial exercise of every body part)

*REST TIME: 2-3 Minutes.

MONDAY: Chest & Triceps.

BB incline bench press/DB incline bench press. -4×6-8 (* 4 sets of 6 to 8 reps)

DB flat bench press/ BB flat bench press. -3×8-12

Peck Deck/ Incline DB Fly. -3×8-12

Barbell CG Flat tricep press/BB Skullcrusher. -3×8-12

Pulley pushdown/Overhead pulley pull. -3×8-12


WEDNESDAY: Back & Biceps

Conventional Deadlifts. -4×6-8

WG lat pulldown/Weighted pull-ups.

DB row/ BB Reverse grip row. -3×8-12

Shrugs. -3×8-12

Pullups till failure/ CG Lat pullover.
-3 sets

BB Curl/ BB Preacher Curl. -3×8-12

DB hammer curl/ Reverse BB curl. -3×8-12

THURSDAY: Cardio (30-45 mins)

FRIDAY: Legs and shoulders

BB Squats/ Hack squat. -4×6-8

Leg press/ DB lunges. -3×8-12

Seated Hamstring curls/ Sleeping Hamstring curls. -3×8-12

Seated calf raises/ Standing calf raises. (3 sets till failure.)

BB Military press/Arnold Press. -3×8-12

DB Lateral raise/ WG Upright Row. -3×8-12

Reverse peck deck/ Rope face pull.



Make sure you follow a sustainable diet to reach your goals, the diet need not be extremely harsh, just good enough to sustain with the good amount of protein, Carbs, and moderate fats.

This will Help you immensely and result in gains for sure.
I followed this back when I was 51 kgs at 6ft and gained 15kgs of mass in 2 months, they weren’t lean muscle gains of course but the ratio was 3:1 a gram of fat for every 3 grams of muscle. That’s the primary goal for any skinny beginner.

Stay tuned for some diet plans as well.

Some Facts and Myths

Bro myth #1:
Training more is better?

FALSE: There’s a difference between training efficiently and training more. if you’re looking to gain working out 3-4 times a week tops for 45 mins with a good diet is the best way to go.

Bro myth #2
Focusing on reps no matter what?
FALSE: Reps are misunderstood majorly, reps are a well-thought number so that a certain amount of reps say 8 has an optimal time the muscle is under tension, just lifting the weight to reach the number of reps is not the way to go, it is proven that a single rep done properly with proper mind-muscle connection and tension on the muscle than just jerking weights in and out to reach your rep goal.


Instant post workout and eating after workout?

It’s a well-established ritual of eating or having your post workout instantly after the workout for quick absorption.
False: New research shows that your growth hormone and test levels (the essentials for growth) are highest after the workout, having post workout meals instantly drops the test and growth hormone levels by spiking your insulin, a gap of 40-45 mins after the workout is optimum to keep the GH and test levels high for growth.

There’s More to Life Than Gym

Hey there, all you young fitness enthusiasts, you’ve come to the right place.

This is where we do not just guide you regarding your fitness goals but also suggest that there’s a life outside the gym as well.
This is the place where you not only inch closer to your fitness goals but also enjoy, party, deal with career issues, emotions, relationships and come out strong with the gym at the center.
I am just an avg person in his 20’s dealing with life and fitness goals here to listen and share some life and fitness.
This is your page!
Stay tuned for some basic fitness-related posts to begin this trip with.