Some Facts and Myths

Bro myth #1:
Training more is better?

FALSE: There’s a difference between training efficiently and training more. if you’re looking to gain working out 3-4 times a week tops for 45 mins with a good diet is the best way to go.

Bro myth #2
Focusing on reps no matter what?
FALSE: Reps are misunderstood majorly, reps are a well-thought number so that a certain amount of reps say 8 has an optimal time the muscle is under tension, just lifting the weight to reach the number of reps is not the way to go, it is proven that a single rep done properly with proper mind-muscle connection and tension on the muscle than just jerking weights in and out to reach your rep goal.


Instant post workout and eating after workout?

It’s a well-established ritual of eating or having your post workout instantly after the workout for quick absorption.
False: New research shows that your growth hormone and test levels (the essentials for growth) are highest after the workout, having post workout meals instantly drops the test and growth hormone levels by spiking your insulin, a gap of 40-45 mins after the workout is optimum to keep the GH and test levels high for growth.

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